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Announcement: Len Handeland has relocated to Southern California. LENDoesMyHair salon is permanently closed in Sonoma. Len will be reopening a salon in Palm Springs, which should be opening in June of 2021.

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Precision Haircutting, Coloring, and custom services from Len Handeland

Great color and
thermal straightening

Len is wonderful. He did a color, cut and thermal straightening, and I’m a new woman. Someone actually stopped me on the street to compliment me on my hair.


precision hair cutting by Sonoma's Top Hairstylist

Terrific Hair
I never got comments on my hair until I went to Len at Utopia. He considers your personal style and tailors your cut or color to perfection! If you want a low-maintenance do, he’ll satisfy your request. If it’s a special occasion, done.

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Precision haircutting in Sonoma  from Len Handeland

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Precision haircutting testimonials from Citysearch for Sonoma

Len is the only one you need to see for everything!
04/20/2008 Posted by Trishgal
5-stars for precision haircutting, coloring, and cutom services
I went onto CitySearch to check out a few salons and happened upon Utopia's listing. After reading positive review after positive review, I scheduled an appointment conveniently on line with the owner and stylist Len. I was really impressed how Len took the time to have an in depth consultation with me, not the typical being told from the stylist what the client needed to do, and not being given a choice! He worked with me and said "it's your hair and you should be comfortable with the style and color(not to mention be in love with it!) Well, I have NEVER been in love with my hair until I saw Len! He gave me the cutest cut(lots of layers and movement!) and the highlight he gave me, Wow! I have received so many compliments already! He used three different colors (2 blonde shades and one darker color) which he said would create a lot of depth! It has! I love the salon as well, the only sad thing is, he told me he was CLOSING his salon after 9 years! But he assured me that he would work somewhere else (in Union Square) so at least he isn't moving away just as I located a GREAT stylist! I can't wait to see him again in his new salon(wherever that might be!) but I would let this guy do my hair in a garage! That's how good he is! Go see this guy in his own salon before he closes it! You will be in love with his magic just as I am! THANKS LEN! I look forward to a long and lasting relationship!
Down with the $12 haircut...

11/28/2007 Posted by jayjel
Precision haircutting, coloring, and custom services earn 5 stars
I have been seeing Len for over 10 years. He is consistent (which is so important!) friendly and a good conversationalist, and to put it plainly the guy simply knows how to cut hair! Before I began seeing Len, I was going to the typical barber, but that changed when my girlfriend flipped over the bad cut the barber had given me and I never went back. I have followed Len to MANY salons over the years (until he opened his own) and don't regret it!. I have been trying to get my girlfriend to go to Len but she is loyal to her stylist, but who knows? maybe someday. Anyway go see Len if you want a great expereince, I know I enjoy my visit each and every time!
Pros: Welcoming atmosphere, trained professionals! Evening appointments
Cons: Not a one!

Len is one of the best stylist/colorist that I know and...
10/22/2007 Posted by mmsaladbar
5 stars for precision haircutting, hair coloring, and custom salon services in Sonoma hair is in the best condition ever! Not only does he give me the BEST color and cut in town, but he is also a great and down-to-earth guy. Having lived in LA, NYC, and Chicago, I have experienced many great stylists at some of the best salons and I truly believe Len is top notch! I have been going to Len for over a year and always walk out of the salon satified 100%+. I also find it impressive that Len manages to find equally talented and passionate stylists who are highly trained to work in his salon. Don't waste your time trying out those other salons in SF (like I once did, unfortunately)...head over to'll be really happy you did!!
Pros: Top notch and highly trained stylists, friendly and down-to-earth atmosphere
Cons: Absolutely nothing.

Thanks Len for my beautiful hair!
09/26/2007 Posted by laurelana
5-star review for precision haircutting and top salon experience
I first went to Len at the recommendation of a good friend of mine, I had not had my hair done outside Europe before, Len made me feel comfortable withs him and gave me a beautiful look, I love my hair. I do not speak English well, but he listen to what I want and he did it. The highlights look so natural and the cut magnifique! If you are looking for a beautiful new look try Len he is wonderful, I keep going back and now when I go back to Europe everyone asks me where I get my hair done! Thanks Len for my beautiful hair! I love the salon too! Its very comfortable and nice art!
Pros: Len, My hair!, location, comfortable salon,art
Cons: Nothing

08/02/2007 Posted by shoely1
5-stars for a top hair salon experience

Len you are my hair savior!
07/31/2007 Posted by kimvo
Top hairstylist rave for Len
I have seen Len Handeland for a few years now. Not only is he a good friend of mine(we live in the same building complex) but he is also a very talented stylist. Whether it's for haircuts or for my color( he gives me a natural medium brown, with beautiful caramel highlihgts) Len always delivers! He is funny, charming and makes me feel welcome each and every time. Thanks Len! You are my hair savior!
Pros: Great color, great cuts, and nice salon atmosphere
Cons: Parking is difficult but not impossible

We LOVE our stylist Len!
03/05/2007 Posted by bobmad
Top hairstylist review with 5 stars
My wife and I just relocated here from the East Coast and we used CitySearch while in New York, and decided it was time to put CitySearch to the test on the West Coast as well. While trying to find all of the important things you need to find in a new city(doctor,dentist, and above all a good stylist!) My wife and I happened to find Utopia Salon on line. After reading the almost endless reviews I was the test project for both of us(my wife made me see Len first) He did a great job on my hair!(better than our old stylist back in New York!) so then my wife saw Len as well. He gave her a great cut, and amazing blond highlights(the color looks so natural no one knows what she had done, but she gets compliments almost on a daily basis!) Len made me and my wife feel welcome and comfortable in his salon, he listened to what we both wanted, made haircare product suggestions and overall it was a GREAT experience! We both LOVE the vibe of the salon(comfortable, yet upscale) cool music, great artwork(I almost thought of buying a piece, but it is a bit on the pricey side!) so, if you are new to the city, or just need a change from your old stylist, don't walk, run to go see Len, he is GREAT!
Pros: Talented Stylists! Nice artwork, cool music, friendly people! Evening appointments available!

02/28/2007 Posted by timfree
Top precision haircutting earns 5 stars
Len you are truly a miracle worker! Thank you! You and your salon live up to your name! I know I have found a truly talented, friendly stylist and a warm inviting,friendly, unpretentious salon! I love the color you did for me(the warm ....not brassy) coppery brown color, which goes with my olive complected skin wonderfully! You cut my hair to precision with long layers that are not choppy(after I told you I did not want that much length removed) you respected that and I appreciate that! I found myself surrounded by friendly,smiling, people at the salon who alll seemed to be happy to be there(unlike some salons I have been to where they appear to be miserable or unhappy, which makes me ...the client unhappy) I love the music, I love the artwork, the scented candles and your warm and friendly assistants as well. Thank you Len! You gave me a total transformation! I will be back!
Pros: Warm, friendly atmosphere, nice artwork, skillful stylist(in cutting & coloring!) great haircare products!
Cons: Can't think of anything

There is such a thing as a HAIR GOD!!!
02/10/2007 Posted by justme80
Precision haircutting and top salon experience earns 5 stars
For YEARS, I have been dreading to go to a salon for fear that I might end up with a horrible haircut and a bucket full of regrets. In fact, I waited 5 years to take the plunge and just "go for it" (not to mention I was going through a heavy-duty emotional phase in my life which requires something a drastic haircut!). However, in order to have this drastic change be a positive experience (and not ANOTHER nightmare I need to cry about) I knew I needed a professional, and not just any professional...a HAIR GOD! THANK HEAVENS for LEN at UTOPIA. Out of all the stylists that I researched, there was something about him--his reviews, his professional background, that gave me the assurance that everything will be OK (at least where my hair is concerned). The ambiance in UTOPIA is relaxed, modern, and calming. Music plays in the background and multiple art pieces are displayed throughout the space. The front desk is friendly and accommodating. When Len approached me, he had a confident, professional, and down-to-earth vibe about him. When I showed him a picture of what I wanted (yes, I brought a picture), he explained and showed me how he plans to achieve the look that I wanted. He is a very knowledgeable person. But WAIT! It gets better, Len is not only a great hair expert, he's also a great listener and a very thoughtful and insightful person. I felt comfortable enough to tell him what was going on, and what made me go looking for a change in the first place. He is so easy to talk to. Not only that, he offers thought-provoking perspectives on the situation. WOW! Anyway, back to my hair... The end result was AMAZING! Not only that, I achieved my own look--not someone else's look on a cut-out picture of a magazine. It was MY look, made possible by THE HAIR GOD--LEN at Utopia. I was so happy with the outcome that I am now officially a Utopia regular! I come in every few weeks for hair maintenance. THANK YOU LEN !!!
Pros: Ambiance, Friendly Service, Expertise, Location, Quality of Service
Cons: Nothing I can think of.

We finally found someone great!
02/09/2007 Posted by scotm
Top hairstylist in Sonoma
My wife and I just moved here from Chicago. We had been looking for a stylist here in the city for quite some time, tried a few other salons(wasn't really that satisfied) than we found Len at Utopia. He gives great cuts(to both myself and my wife) he makes my wife look 10 years younger(that's saying a lot!) whenever she sees him for highlights(which look very natural!) We both love the atmosphere of the salon(relaxed, comfortable, hip music playing, and nice artwork!) We have finally found a stylist here in San Francisco and it is Len at Utopia! We will both be back! Thanks!
Pros: Great cuts,Great color, nice atmosphere, nice artwork!
Cons: Didn't encounter a single negative experience(have no negative comments to say!)

best haircut of my life + great customer service = priceless experience
01/30/2007 Posted by lapurcel
Best haircut in my life  5-star review
I moved to the bay area in June, and had my hair done (at a Palo Alto salon which will remain unnamed) and the result was so bad that I spent 5 months researching salons before scheduling another haircut & color. I had decided to cut my lifeless shoulder length hair short (above my ears short) and I knew I had to go to an expert. Well, thank god for citysearch because it directed me to LEN & UTOPIA, and I got the best haircut & color I have ever received in my life. Len took the time to really listen to what I wanted and also took the time to offer his expert opinion on my hairstyle--making sure that the end result was perfect for my faceshape & that the color was perfect for my complexion--I've never had that kind of attention from a stylist before! The style turned out so great other customers & stylists at Utopia were complimenting my hair while it was still wet and undone! I left the salon that day feeling like a new person, one with confidence and style and knowing that I wouldn't go anywhere else ever again! 3 months later, I'm growing my hair out again (for a wedding in June, not because I don't love my short hair)--but the "transition" cuts also look so good, that I'm never in that awkward growing out phase and I love my hair each time! Even better, I'm still getting complments on my hair, at least once a week! Even if I didn't love my hair each time, I think I would still go to Utopia for the individual attention and the friendly customer service I get from the stylists & reception, it really makes getting my hair done a great experience.
Pros: individual attention, customer service, skill, atmosphere

Len you saved my life and My Hair thanks!
01/24/2007 Posted by montecrist
Precision haircutting in Sonoma  win a 5-star rave
Thanks for all the great haircuts LEN! I love what you do! I would recommend Len to everyone! He is pleasant, can hold an intelligent conversation, and REALLY listens to exactly what people want!(a rare experience in the salon world, or at least that was my experience until I found LEN at Utopia!) He is also extremely knowledgable about hair care products(he introduced the perfect product for my hair, and showed me how to closely as possible...achieve the same look at home, as in the salon!) I have referred a TON of friends, co-workers to LEN, and will continue to do so! The salon is nice as well, very pleasant, with friendly SMILING people working there!
Pros: SMILING people working there! Friendly! Nice artwork, evening appointments available, on line scheduling! SKILL!
Cons: N/A

01/22/2007 Posted by marknamy
Precision haircutting ran gives 5 stars to top hairstylist
My wife and I have been fans of Len Handeland's at Utopia for years(I guess we should have written a review sooner?!) Anyway, the guy simply knows his stuff! He cuts my hair better than any barber(that is where I was going before my wife convinced me to try Len) and he has always done an incredible job on her hair(she sees Len for haircuts and for highlights) The salon has a nice feel to it, and Zenda always makes my wife and I feel welcome! So the formula for success is really quite simple: Have pride in what you do, do it well! Create an atmosphere that is relaxing,inviting and welcoming! I am proud to say that my stylist(and the owner) ...Len, has achieved all of this at Utopia! Also check out ANN the manicurist she gives my wife the best manicures and pedicures(my wife is still trying to talk me into getting a pedicure, but I haven't yet!) Thanks again Len and Utopia! You rock!!!
Pros: Great cuts, color! and nail services! Nice feel to the salon, friendly!
Cons: N/A

Why do I travel into the City, all the way from the East Bay? Simple, Utopia offers the Best Hair Care in the Bay Area
01/17/2007 Posted by debgoslin
Best hair care in the Bay Area, five star review
When I lived in Chicago 20+ years ago, I had the kind of salon experience where I could always trust that they would make me look fabulous. However since I moved to the Bay Area I have failed to find my Salon of choice. I kept "trying out stylists" with not much luck. I could not find someone who could be consistent in making me look good so that I would want to come back for more. I waited way too long for my turn to have a great stylist/colorist in the Bay Area that would give me what I wanted/needed in an updated and chic look for my tresses. Finally, I have found that special talent in a wonderful oasis called Utopia Salon in San Francisco. It is both a retreat and a rejuvenator. Utopia and Len H. have given me back my "hair confidence". Len's ability to know just what is needed in both cut and color has given my hair freedom to be beautiful every day with very little effort. For the first time I have people stopping me to tell me that they love my hairstyle and the healthy look of my hair. Kudos to Len and his very capable team. I am a Fan for Life. Deb G

TWO THUMBS UP! (...and both of them are mine!) ;)
01/16/2007 Posted by luvdartist
Top hair colorist in Sonoma  earns 5 stars
I've been searching long and hard for years to find someone that I can trust to cut and color my hair the way I want it to be. I found these guys on this site actually, so I thought I'd "give back"! No doubt the reviews here are very accurate. I got color by Maritza and cut by Len. I was extremely satisfied about the finished product of both services. I admire my "new 'do" in the mirror often. :) They were all friendly and sociable, and the "atmosphere" couldn't be more relaxing. My services were both ON TIME. That's virtually unheard of in the hair styling industry! Anyway, A+ for these guys!!!!
Pros: Great atmosphere, timely servies as per scheduled appt.
Cons: None

Great color and thermal straightening
01/07/2007 Posted by roe464
Top Hairstylist earns 5 stars
Len is wonderful. He did a color, cut and thrermal straightening, and I'm a new woman. Someone actually stopped me on the street to compliment me on my hair.
Pros: super, friendly staff

12/13/2006 Posted by girlnciti
Top Salon in San Francisco gets 5-star review
I was a little skeptical when a friend referred me to a new salon(I was relatively happy with the one I was going to on Maiden Lane) but then I went and saw Len Handeland! I have two other co-workers that also see Len and they have always been happy with his work, so I decided after my other (long time) stylist took a sudden "mysterious" leave of absense and left me without a contact or even a referral of who I should see instead at the other salon I was so upset I decided not to go back there! I was so happy with what Len did. He made me feel welcome and comfortable, he looked at my hair, analyzed it(mentioned it needed some help, product wise and color wise) and performed his magic! I also had the pleasure of treating myself to a manicure and pedicure with Utopia's manicurist(Ann) she also seemed very knowledgeable and made my nails look better than they have ever looked! Then Len gave me a cut that I still get compliments on! (it has already been 3 weeks!) and I go back in 3 weeks for a follow up appointment. To summarize, why go to another salon just to be treated like another head in a hair factory?! This salon is different, relaxed, yet upscale and the place was hopping when I was there, full of energy, laughter, and people that wanted to be there. The artwork which is modern, was pleasant enough(I even thought of purchasing a piece!) maybe next time. Thanks Len! see you and Ann in 3 weeks!!! Can't wait.
Pros: Great haircuts and color! Manicures and Pedicures available! Friendly, unpretenious people!
Cons: Parking a little difficult, but not impossible, can't think of any other cons.

Len Handeland - What an amazing stylist!
12/11/2006 Posted by wilbar
Top stylist in San Francisco and Sonoma earns 5 stars
My wife first started seeing Len Handeland at Utopia Salon about a year ago. She found him on line through a search engine, before that time she was always unhappy with her hair. She was always nagging at me to get a "decent" haircut, and for me to stop going to see my barber and to see Len instead, I said what could this guy possibly do with my hair, I mean let's face it, most stylists know how to cut women's hair, but men's haircuts?! Man, was I wrong! This guy is amazing! This is the best haircut I have ever gotten! Thanks Len! My wife has always been happy with the work that Len does(she is not naturally blond, but Len makes her appear that way!) so guys(and gals) if you want to experience someone that not only knows how to enhance a person's haircolor(thats where the blond part comes in!) and someone that also knows how to cut both men's hair and women's hair, then go see this incredible guy! He is funny, can hold a decent conversation, and makes people feel welcomed and relaxed! Len, I (we)will be back! Thanks Man! Oh and...the salon is nice too! Nice artwork, friendly people, great styling products!
Pros: Skill! friendly people, nice atmosphere, nice artwork, Beverages served!(wine)
Cons: Tipping on credit card discouraged(ask before you check out at front) no other cons!

Len and Ann at Utopia are the Best!
11/27/2006 Posted by sheig
Top haircutting and salon experience earns 5 stars
I started seeing Len way before he opened his own salon, after 2 of my girls recommended him to me. Over the years I have never been unhappy with any haircuts I have received from him (and it's been nearly 10 years!) The guy just knows how to cut hair. I started seeing Ann the manicurist for my nails (both manicure and pedicure) over 3 years ago and all I can say is Ann is great! The atmosphere is relaxed(or as relaxed as a hair salon can be!) and everyone (including the front desk person) is attentive,friendly and helpful. I would recommend you try Len (and Ann!) out, you won't be disappointed.
Pros: On line appointment scheduling, nice artwork on walls, skill! Friendly, reasonably priced
Cons: Parking sometimes difficult but parking garages nearby, no tips on credit cards for some stylists(be sure to ask!)

Len Handeland is the Bomb!
11/03/2006 Posted by kneedeep
Top salon in San Francisco gets 5 stars
My co-workers told me about a salon near where I work(well not really that nearby, as I work in the financial district and Utopia is located in Union Square) anyway the name of the salon they gave me was Utopia Salon. I had heard good things from my co-workers(3 of whom go to the salon for their hair and nails) and my co-workers recommended Len Handeland. He is the owner of the salon, and recently was featured in the S.F. Chronicle so I thought, this guy has got to be good! So I made an appointment went in and was absolutely taken by his kindness, his attentivness(he really listed to what I had to say during the consultation!) not to mention his talent! and Boy did he deliver! I had a highlight, base color and a trim(he told me it was a haircut, it's all the same he said) I have never looked better! All I can say is Thank you Len! You have restored my faith in "stylists" I had been previously going to someone for 15 years and I always ended up with the same boring look, but no longer! I have found a new stylist in Len and Utopia! I also tried their manicurist Ann, she was also amazing! I had her spa pedicure and the fragrance of the fresh mint leaves and lemon permeated the entire salon, it was quite an experience! I will definetly be back to see both Len and Ann! Thanks Len and Ann!!!!
Pros: The BEST highlights I have ever gotten!(and haircut!) Great manicurist as well! Nice artwork on the walls! Wine!
Cons: Parking is a little tricky, but enough garages in the area. Tips are discouraged on credit cards(they ask you to pay cash or check for that)

Great atmosphere and overall experience!
10/04/2006 Posted by cmsmith2000
Top San Francisco Hair Salon earns 5 stars
I've been going to Utopia for several years and will keep going back because of the friendly service, great ambiance and overall experience. I love that I can have a glass of wine or coffee during my hair cut. People always notice when I get my hair cut or colored... so kudos to my favorite stylist Len. My husband also loves getting his hair trimmed here. Utopia seems to be unique in that they display beautiful artwork and have open houses on occasion to celebrate local artists. It's in a great location, you should check this place out!
Pros: ambiance, service

Appropriately Named
09/21/2006 Posted by hinder90
Top salon in San Francisco earns 5 stars
Utopia Salon is a perfect 10: the staff is friendly, talented and attentive, everything is always spotless, they play great music and have interesting art and/or photography that gets changed up regularly. It was easy to appreciate that Utopia is a great space before I even got to Len's mad skills. Quite simply Len was able to turn my "hair apathy" around. Thanks to a recommendation, I made the upgrade from "getting a haircut" to "seeing a stylist" and I can't thank that person enough for the advice. Len is super easy going, friendly and from the start cared to make sure we both were at the same level before he made the first suggestion as to "what to do with it". He showed me how far style could go and I can fully appreciate how talented he is at his craft when I realize how much of a positive thing it is to know when I look great thanks to a great hairstyle. Addendum: in response to the person complaining about a chemical smell... I say... "huh?" I think of that usual salon smell of burnt hair, dissolved plastic and acetone and Utopia has NONE of those unpleasant aromas. Even with the hair coloring that goes on they somehow they keep the place ventilated so I have never really noticed it. I would say Grant Street smells far worse than inside Utopia! Also, they have comfy couches for the off chance you have to wait before you appointment (which happened exactly one time over the years I have been going there.) Lastly, Len gives a lot back to the upcoming students who work there by not just making hairdressers-to-be sweep up hair, but shows them the hows and whys of his work. That to me shows a very good intent and a genuine desire to teach others. Good karma!

Great Place for a Haircut!
09/03/2006 Posted by bj345
Top precision haircutting gets 5 stars
First my wife was going to Len at Utopia, then one daughter, and even the daughter from L.A. - so I had to give it a try. It is a really pleasant hair salon - good location downtown - service with a smile. I've never had a better haircut.
Pros: Very nice environment

Superb Customer Service, Amazing Hair talent & Convenient Location!
09/01/2006 Posted by emreich
Top Hairstylist earns 5 stars
As a regular client at Utopia Salon, I feel the need to tell others about the OUTSTANDING and CONSISTENT SERVICE that I ALWAYS receive, which is what keeps me going back! After having a great experience at a chic hair salon in Paris several years ago, I knew I could never return to my 'USUAL' place in the city upon returning home, since I had now experienced the best of Paris. So I set out on the task of finding a 'new' place I could call the best of San Francisco! That's when I found Utopia Salon and Len Handeland. The first time I met Len at a social gathering he commented on my hair cut and color not knowing that I had just returned from our 'Girls Paris Shopping Trip'! I mentioned that I was so amazed at how the 'proper' hair cut for one's face shape, and the color that matches one's skin tone makes all the difference in the end result! He could tell by my comments that I desired the same ongoing experince here in SF - a magically place and talented stylist who matches science, hair styles and trends to what's best for ones hair texture, facial structure and skin tone! He reveiled his position at Utopia and offered to take on the challenge AND did he ever! He's always courteous, ontime, and professional and ALWAYS delivers a great look! I'm such a big fan that if you want professional talent or advice you seek out the real experts! Even after having moved from the city to Napa Valley, I still make the drive religiously to Utopia Salon every six weeks..... and you should to!

Terrific Hair
08/30/2006 Posted by zuppiesue
Top haircutting earns client her first hair compliment
I never got comments on my hair until I went to Len at Utopia. He considers your personal style and tailors your cut or color to perfection! If you want a low-maintenance do, he'll satisfy your request. If it's a special occasion, done.

Len is simply the best!
08/29/2006 Posted by mattherenthere
Top hairstylist in San Francisco and Sonoma wins 5 stars
I was a little skeptical when my wife(who also sees Len) suggested I go to him after numerous bad haircuts at barber shops and Supercuts, and especially about the whole guy thing going to a salon. But I got over it quickly with Len's help! Man, this guy is amazing! I have never gotten such good haircuts(I knew he did a great job on my wife's hair, she gets it cut and highlighted...but it looks natural!) but I had no idea he could cut a guys hair so good!!! The atmosphere at the salon is nice, but not too snooty(I was a little aprehensive about going to a Union Square salon) but Len made me feel welcome, consulted me as to what style I wanted, offered me magazines(they even carry magazines for guys!!!) and offered me a glass of wine(I almost asked for a beer and that would have made my experience even better!, but the wine was nice enough!) So guys...if you are tired of getting cheap cuts and having your wives or girlfriends complain about it, go see Len, the guy is talented! He listens to you, he recommends the right hair care product to use so you can get the same look at home. Nice salon envoirnment, nice art up on the walls, and everyone at the salon seems happy to be there! Overall a 10!!!!!
Pros: Great envoirnment! Great haircuts! Friendly! Nice art up on walls! Everyone is happy!
Cons: There don't appear to be any!

The best at haircoloring and Thermal Straightening!
08/22/2006 Posted by karinthecity
Best haircoloring nd thermal straightening get 5 stars
I have been coming to Len at Utopia Salon for over 3 years. I had my hair previously "Thermally Straightened down in L.A. and was apprehensive about allowing someone else do the procedure but Len put my worries to rest! He answered all of my questions and concerns first by starting off with an in depth consultation regarding the Thermal Straightening procedure/what product he uses, price time etc! I guess you could describe Len as "nit picky!" ....I guess a better way to describe him is as ...... a perfectionist! He always makes me feel as if he is giving me his undivided attention 100%!, and his attention to detail is ....incredible! In the past I have had stylists "juggle" clients while working on my hair, but not Len! He says he gives EVERY client his all! (Less room for carelessness! or mistakes to happen!) I also have seen Len for hair coloring, and haircuts which he is also highly trained at! He does just about everything except teeth! Ha! Seriously if you are in need of a new stylist(new to the area) or just need a change from your current person then by all means experience Len! and his salon! Everyone at the salon is so friendly, many of the other stylists recognize me when I visit Len for my appointments(and unlike other salons where the stylists don't even look at you, unless they are working on your hair, much less greet you!) the crew at Utopia always makes me feel welcome with a warm smile, and an offer of a nice glass of wine!(which is a nice touch! especially after a hard day at work!!) I also see Ann the manicurist at Utopia and she is AMAZING as well! best manicures and Pedicures in the city!(Be sure to schedule a "Spa pedicure" with Ann, they are awesome! So keep it up Len/Utopia/Ann! and thanks for all of my wonderful visits! I am thrilled with my hair,nails and EVERY visit to Utopia!
Pros: Warm friendly envoirnment! Wine! knowledgeable Stylists, Nice artwork on the walls!
Cons: Len is not inexpensive, but so far it has been worth it!

A delicatessen...!
07/15/2006 Posted by sonjamilka
Top salon gets 5 stars
It is somehow utopian to believe that once you enter a salon, the hairdresser will know instantly what you want (or maybe better than you), the colors that suits you, the cut that enhances your figure. It is also utopian that with the same hairdresser you will have a political discussion for 3 hours. Again, it is rather utopian that he will spend 3 hours on you without showing any signs of boredom, and that till the last touch, you will stay confindent that the result will be a miracle. Well, if you try Utopia Salon, all of those will become true. Thanks Len...
Pros: service
Cons: price

Best salon in San Francisco
06/10/2006 Posted by jenborders
Top hair salon gets 5 stars
I accidentally found Utopia through a silent auction purchase, and I can't tell you how thrilled I am that I did. This is an amazing salon, full of true professionals in a beautiful environment. Len Handeland is absolutely the best stylist I've ever had, and he is masterful at color. People tell me "Your hair looks great!" - not "Nice highlights"...that says a lot about the difference between stylists who use color and those who've mastered it. I always feel welcome there, the music is appropriate (both in style and volume) and the changing local artists' works provide something new for the eye every time. Len is also a great listener and understands that's an important part of giving the client what they really want.
Pros: Wonderful ambience, fun stylists with no snooty attitude.

Awesome Cut & Color

Precision haircutting and coloring earns 5 stars
06/08/2006 Posted by jo_march
I felt like I had a true consultation with Len before he gave me amazing color and a great cut. I feel like it's rare today to find someone who actually takes time to listen to your wants and examines your hair. I could tell he was very experienced and knowledgeable by the tips he gave me. Nice atmosphere and everyone was friendly. Highly Recommend!
Pros: great cut & color, friendly, union square location

Great cut
04/06/2006 Posted by mmcevoy
Haircutting gets 5 stars
You know you have a good haircut when everyone asks you who your hairdresser is. Len Handeland at Utopia is the best! I need to just wash it and go and hours later when I look in the mirror, it looks great, all on it's own. Thanks Len!

Your hair looks great!
03/03/2006 Posted by thomsonhello1380
Hairstyling makes you look great
"Wow! Your hair looks great did you just get it cut?" When your friends tell you this even 8 -10 weeks after you have gotten your haircut you know your stylist did a great job. Since I have gotten my haircut with Len I have consistently gotten comments such as these. I am a busy mom and a professional and it is not always easy to get back into the salon every 5 weeks. But with Len's cuts I still get appreciative comments even if I go a little longer than normal. Now that is a amazing cut!
Pros: avalibiltiy, professionilism

Best Colorist and Cut
02/13/2006 Posted by awillcoxon
Hair coloring and precision haircutting given 5 stars
I have tried many colorists and stylists over the years and Len brought me to a new level of hair treatment. He was able to make a color correction for me and design the right hair cut especially for me. The atmosphere of the salon is fabulous and I feel like I am really "getting away" for the day when I have my appointment. It is a retreat from my very busy life. I have received many compliments on my hair all thanks to Len at Utopia.
Pros: Close to BART, great shopping

A wonderful experience
10/26/2005 Posted by jamierstern
Top hair salon experience
I have never been as thrilled with any salon or hair stylist as I am with Utopia salon and my stylist, Len Handeland. The service at the salon is exceptional and Len is a master at cutting, coloring and styling hair. I used to go to a salon once or twice and then move on. I have been Len's client for about 9 months now and wouldn't go anywhere else. thank you so much Len!

Utophia Salon
08/25/2004 Posted by roseguanill
Top San Francisco Hair Salon
I loved Utopia from the very first visit. The salon is in a convenient location and has a very pleasant, artful atmosphere. The staff is friendly, always quick to smile and are extremely talented professionals. Len Handeland is my personal stylist and the main reason I continue to frequent Utophia. From the very beginning Len has always made me feel special not to mention look gorgeous. He is extremely personable, funny and professional. I have had opportunity for other styliest at Utophia to work on me and they are all talented artists. I recommend Utophia highly.

Run to Utopia!
08/22/2004 Posted by mirandalite
Best Hair Salon earns 5 stars
I've been a Utopia fan since I moved to SF over a year ago. Len Handeland is a very gifted stylist who definitely knows how to take good care of his clients. He take a lot of pride in his work and will go the extra mile to make sure that you're comfortable and happy with your look. After Len is done working his magic, I always get compliments on my cut and color. He's also a wiz at the complicated thermal reconditioning (hair straightening) process. If you're thinking of getting this done, I definitely recommend that you give Len a call! Great salon, fabulous staff!
Pros: great service, good location, nice atmosphere

Len is a hair wizard!
08/13/2004 Posted by screamingmary
Top hairstylist in San Francisco and Sonoma earns 5 stars
Len Handeland's work on my hair has gotten me compliments and cruise-y looks all over the country, especially after highlights. I really like that! I'm always greeted by friendly staff who are quick to offer me a nice glass of wine and make me feel special. Len takes his work very seriously and keeps to a very high standard. You should schedule an appointment- just don't take my slot!
Pros: Convenient location, Friendly staff, Top-quality work

Outstanding Stylist!
08/04/2004 Posted by kfourgo
Outstanding San Francisco hairstylist
I moved to San Francisco 9 years ago and spent several years enduring the agony of "bad haircuts/color". I finally found someone I loved and trusted - but, I failed to make an appointment far in advance and found myself in need of another stylist, quickly. Utopia Salon is close to my office, so I checked it out! Beautiful, clean salon - friendly stylists, good reputation - OK, I will give it a try.......... I made an appointment with one of the owners, Len Handeland for highlights and a trim. What a super job he did!!!! He listened to what I wanted and I left there knowing I had just found my new stylist! For the first time, friends noticed and complimented! I have long hair and in the past, my cuts/highlights would simply go unnoticed - even though I was happy with the results. Now I am THRILLED!!!!
Pros: talented stylists, clean

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